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The Methodology



  • Accuracy & Quality

  • Efficiency & Timeliness

  • Within Budget

  • Complete & Comprehensive




  • Federal/State/Local Compliance

  • Industry Regulations

  • Policy Restrictions

  • Political Will/Gridlock


Public Impact

  • Economic

  • Social

  • Environmental

the public

  • Community/Civic Associations

  • Property Owner Groups

  • Chambers of Commerce

  • Business Owners Groups

  • Universities 

  • Non-profits, Religious Institutions

who are

our clients?

  • Federal, State, City, County Municipalities

  • Government Agencies/Depts

  • Economic Development Agencies

  • Think Tanks, Policy Institutes

  • Research Groups

who are

our clients?

  • Financial Investors/Groups

  • Developers, Prime Contractors

  • Construction, Engineering, Architectural Firms

  • Program/Proposal Managers, D&I Executives, Risk Managers

who are

our clients?



At Titanium Linx. it is our mission to eliminate divisions by creating stronger links between sector parties. We connect all stakeholders with the purpose of ensuring all are not only heard but understood, and that every need and goal of a project are met. The engagement and communication networks developed by us are meticulously maintained throughout the life of every project we manage and beyond.


For each project, we facilitate not only the buy-in of owners and investors from the start but the cooperation of leaders and policy-makers during its construction and the support of the public directly affected by its end. We ensure sustainability goals are met in regards to economic, social, and environmental impact.


"TL3P" is our refined system utilized and tailored to each client. The unique needs of a single project require that each have an original set of program management protocol that adheres to (1) Program Goals, (2) Political/Regulatory Constraints, and (3) Public Impact Factor Analyses. TL3P perfects the rules that guide a project's progress and success entirely through to completion. 


By identifying and assessing the systems and compliance needs of our clients we protect its public face while preserving corporate brand and culture. TL3P external communication methods never impede the established internal operational structure of our clients.


Titanium Linx. leads the way in a specialized field within multiple disciplines and is dedicated to affirming and sustaining business integrity. It is our philosophy that in an age of the proliferation of misinformation and miscommunication, it’s more imperative than ever to have the proactive participation of all involved in project planning and implementation.


Our Approach


"TL3P" is our system that addresses all three components vital to the successful completion of any project.

1. Program Goals

2. Political Constraints

3. Public Impact


Powered by Experience

Margo K. Cargill is founder and CEO of Titanium Linx Consulting, Inc. ("Titanium Linx."). Her expertise is in the areas of business and economic development through research analysis, marketing and communications, public relations, government affairs, and regulatory compliance channels. Cargill partners with commercial industry leaders, elite institutions, and government agencies on private, public, and public-private partnership (P3) ventures.


Her background as a corporate manager overseeing operations of post-merger and acquisitions at Fortune 500 companies and startups deliver insight into critical approaches of not only how to launch but implement and sustain successful projects and partnerships while controlling information, maintaining interfaces, and managing crises.


As President Emeritus of the Uniondale Chamber of Commerce and Vice President of the Nassau Council of Chambers of Commerce, Cargill apprehends a project’s social, economic, and environmental impact and ensures they are highly scrutinized by facilitating total stakeholder engagement. She is responsible for Titanium Linx.'s sector expansion into public policy, finance, land development, transportation, infrastructure, environment, and crisis communications.


She is the National Honoree of the prestigious U.S. Department of Commerce Ronald H. Brown Leadership MBDA Award, the New York district U.S. Small Business Administration Minority Business Champion, an Engineering News-Record Top 20 Young Professional, a Long Island Power Woman, holds Nassau County’s Outstanding Leadership Citation and Woman of Distinction Award, serves as Chair of the Advisory Board of the Uniondale Community Land Trust and appointed member of the Nassau Hub Advisory Committee, Nassau County Comptroller MWBE Committee, and Nassau County District Attorney Business Council.


With over 22 combined years of experience in senior project management, marketing research, and strategic communications Cargill brings the tactical skills necessary to implement multi-faceted plans. Through her leadership and methodology, the firm maintains systematic efficiency and efficacy in all that it endeavors.


Titanium Linx Consulting, Inc. is a federally certified WOSB, and New York State, New Jersey State, New York City, Nassau County, Suffolk County, Port Authority NY/NJ certified MWBE, and DBE.





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